Riley S. Wilson


Executive producer, Writer, Director


Writer, Director and Executive Producer, Riley S. Wilson originally began official work on Little Apple in 2015. A year later, the project is in finals for Sundance's Episodic Lab. After not receiving the appointment, he began work to self-produce the project. 

A career content producer, Riley hails from Columbia, SC by way of Howard University in Washington, D.C. Originally studying business and advertising, Riley got his start reporting at Advertising Age and Creativity-Online before eventually going freelance as a content producer and copywriter for brands. He is the writer and director of Orange Bright, a short-film based on his 2011 novella my ID

Over time, he has found that creating stories is his true calling. Creating weird, interesting, kinda creepy but cool stories that are actually saying something and for some odd reason people can relate to.