Gabrielle Eitienne


ACTRESS - Charlene (Apple's Mother)

Food Activist, Self- Taught Chef, Curator, and Culturist, Gabrielle was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina. Gabrielle happened upon #LittleApple when she met our director at an event! She says "LittleApple  is exactly what we all need right now. I'm honored to be such an important part of the story. What I love about Charlene is that even though she's the more serious parent, she always comes from a place of compassion and knows that at the root Apple is usually right. So she's doing her best to protect her child from the box this world would like to put her in."

"Little Apple is exactly what we all need right now," says Gabrielle. "I'm honored to be such an important part of the story. Apple is the epitome of Black Girl Magic, she's my niece, my little sister, my mother, she's me and my character, Charlene, is my Grandmother, my mom, and my Aunt Kaye all in one."

Gabrielle is currently writing an online journal to pay homage to her Ancestors and relatives that bore the weight of share-cropping, Agriculture, and Farming in the past. This discovery of self through history is known as Revival Taste Collective, and she is celebrating them as more than field hands, and slaves, rather creatives and artist through their ingenuity, and knowledge. Re-telling these stories in a way that gives the power back to whom it belonged.