Erin Ferguson


ACTor - Matthew

Born in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on the island of Grand Bahama (Freeport), Erin Ferguson grew up as a barefoot boy on the beach with homegrown island-life sensibilities. At age 12, his parents Eldin Ferguson and Sharon Smith-Ferguson, both Bahamian natives, relocated the family to Palm Beach, Florida where he finished middle school and high school. Erin went on to study Classical Civilization and International Relations at Howard University in Washington DC. After graduating with honors, Erin and his family returned to The Bahamas where he launched his career as an Entrepreneur and Media Personality. To date, Erin along with his brother Eldin III has opened restaurants and a fitness store. He served as the Executive Producer and Host of Citizens' Review, with his brother David Hayes as producer. The show became the number #1 TV show in The Bahamas after its first month on air and held the title without interruption for 5 years. After leaving Citizens’ Review, Erin re-ignited his entrepreneurial spirit again, signing on as a partner with a Private Equity firm working between several cities including NYC, DC, LA, Chicago, and Miami. Erin continues to work in the Finance Industry and is actively pursuing a career in acting and media.

On Little Apple, Ferguson says, "When I engaged the concept of Little Apple it reminded me of the feeling I got when I read the words of James Baldwin. I hear Apple speak, and what I hear is a black voice that I can respect; one with ideas and analysis that are sharp and on point. Her unique position is that she is a little black voice marking her space in time as relevant as she can possibly be. Her peers will learn listen to her, but so will her parents' peers and many others. She can speak to them on eye level and deliver understanding in a time where the vestiges of oppression have shifted and it has become hard for some people to see how systemic oppression, white supremacy, and white privilege operate presently. Little Apple is more than a series, it a movement toward a generation that understands its own country and the challenged systems that govern their lives. In her own beautiful way she can teach us all!"