Bella Marie Foster

Bella Headshot3.png

ACTress - Sara

Bella M. Foster is an 11 year old girl from South Florida. She lives in Harlem, New York with her parents and younger brother Dallas. When Bella is not watching makeup tutorials or horror film trailers, she is writing short stories. Bella’s favorite food is pizza. Bella found her way to Little Apple by way of the community Open Call. It was a long shot but from there, she landed the role of Sara--Apple's best friend and Harlem resident since kindergarten. 

Here's what Bella's mother, Maria C. Feeney had to say about Little Apple: "Thanks Little Apple, you provide such an excellent platform for many and help parents such as myself, not seem entirely odd. Finally, a series that my children and I can both watch and enjoy. As a parent of public school attending children and a Disney Channel recipient (yes, I have cable and I’m not entirely proud of it) I enjoy and appreciate Little Apple’s approach to spark constructive conversations, amongst people of all ages. This is a true blessing- I am proud and pleased to have my family a part of such a unique and may I add, Much-Needed project."