Filmmaker Creates Sci-Fi Web Series Full Of Black Girl Magic Titled “Little Apple”

Writer and filmmaker Riley S. Wilson is known for innovative work. Wilson’s live-action, sci-fi web series Little Apple tells the story of an outspoken, nine-year-old claircognizant growing up in a new Harlem, New York. This brilliantly gifted, African American girl shines as she…READ MORE


'Little Apple' Has Given Us The Black Girl Superhero We Need

ESSENCE was invited to a screening at Harlem’s historical Schomburg Center during the Black Comic Book Festival and in just three short episodes, it was clear: Apple is the superhero we have been waiting for. And what’s better, Milan Williams is the little piece of Black girl magic we didn’t know we were missing. WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW


5 Valid Reasons Why ‘Little Apple’ Is The Best Web Series Since ‘Awkward Black Girl’

It was truly a pleasure to attend the 2019 American Black Film Festival last week – it truly exceeded every single expectation I had about film festivals, so much so that I’m already looking forward to next year’s. One that stood out to me in particular was a web series called Little AppleREAD MORE


Why ‘Little Apple’ Is The Show Your Family Needs To Be Watching Now

Little Apple is a new comedy/drama/sci-fi family show that needs to be on your radar. You see, Apple knows things. Not like your preteen knows all the things, because, heaven knows, they know All.The.Things. No, Apple is special. She has the extrasensory ability to…READ MORE


The IndieNYC Show Interviews Showrunner, Writer & Director Riley S. Wilson

“Little Apple is more than just a series. It is a Universe. Imagine a world in which youth of color are empowered to live freely, to speak truth to power, and to use their imagination—there’s NO bounds to that. Imagine a world like that. That’s what we’re building,” Wilson says.


A Harlem 9-Year-Old Takes On Racism And Gentrification In Trailer For Sci-Fi/Drama Series 'Little Apple'

A young heroine of a new series is taking a stand against gentrification, racism and more, all while having special abilities!  According to its official description, “Little Apple is a contemporary coming of age story about a young Harlem girl finding her voice in a society that often silences women and ...READ MORE


There's Nothing Little About The Brilliance of Little Apple

This issue is, of course, an introductory issue. So there’s a lot of set-up going on throughout, with introductions to characters and settings and the like. Even though there’s a good bit of world-building going on, exposition doesn’t bog the story down at all. The pacing is strong, leaving...READ MORE



Honest children are easy to come by. But blunt children are the rarest of them all.  This child has a breadth of knowledge to the point she knows how to blend her knowledge with reality. It’s very rare to see anyone be able to speak the truth with eloquence and be able to open anyone’s eyes to what needs to change. It’s very rare to find a girl who is a revolutionary...READ MORE



What would you do about oppressive systems if you knew everything about them? "Little Apple", a new series by Riley Wilson asks just that, delving into the mind of an omniscient 9-year-old Harlemnite named Apple. Blending sci-fi, drama, and comedy, the series follows Apple as she...READ MORE


New Fictional Series Tackles Race Through The Lens Of A Young Harlem Girl 

Producers Riley Wilson and Lisa Cortés are tapping into the mind of a 9-year-old for their new series on racism, gentrification and black girl magic, “Little Apple.” The web series, which fuses sci-fi and comedy, takes its name from the show’s main character, an omniscient Harlem bred girl who goes by the name Little Apple. As the young Harlemnite, played by Milan Williams, becomes increasingly cognizant of race, gender and class-based hierarchies in society, she develops a...READ MORE



We are living in a time in which the media has brought the appropriation, consumption and annihilation of Black and brown culture front and center. We are flooded as adults with such triggering imagery and conversation, but one thing we continuously fail to address is... READ MORE


Meet Little Apple: On Redefining a “Child’s Place”

As if her know-it-all sass wasn’t enough, Apple now has the ability to know things beyond her means and age. Her university professor father is obsessed with her rapidly growing intellect and confidence while her mother, a registered nurse and the backbone of the household, is more concerned with...READ MORE