ATS.4 LLC is excited to present Little Apple The Series, a sci-fi/drama series with a 9-year-old heroine taking a stand against gentrification, racism and complicity--all while developing special abilities. Little Apple is a contemporary coming of age story about a young Harlem girl finding her voice in a society that often silences women and people of color. The first season features 6 episodes exploring themes of: gentrification, the erasure of Native Peoples, Black feminism, microaggressions, Black Girl Magic and more.

The product of a successful Kickstarter campaign and a finalist for the 2016 Sundance Institute YouTube New Voices Lab, Little Apple stars young actor Milan Williams and paints a picture of a young Harlem girl going from informing new tenants about gentrification to confronting her classmate about his white and male privilege. As if her wokeness is not enough, Apple must also grapple with new special (claircognizant) abilities and supernatural enemies. Co-stars, Gabrielle Eitienne and Erin Ferguson round out the supporting cast as Apple's parents, Charlene and Matthew Montague--respectively. 

Little Apple The Series is executive produced by Riley S. Wilson (Orange Bright) of ATS.4 LLC and Lisa Cortes (Precious, Double Play)


Riley S. Wilson - Showrunner, Writer & Director
Wilson began official work on Little Apple in 2015. A year later, the project is in finals for Sundance's Episodic Lab. After not receiving the appointment, Wilson began work to self-produce the project. A career content producer, Riley hails from Columbia, SC by way of Howard University in Washington, D.C. Originally studying business and advertising, Riley got his start reporting at Advertising Age and Creativity-Online before eventually going freelance as a content producer and copywriter for brands. He is the writer and director of Orange Bright, a short-film based on his 2011 novella my ID. Over time, he has found that creating stories is his true calling. Creating weird, interesting, kinda creepy but cool stories that are actually saying something and that people can relate to.

Lisa Cortés, Executive Producer

CEO of Cortés Films, is a producer and director.  She was the Executive Producer of the Academy Award® and Sundance winning film, Precious. Her productions have received over 70 international awards and nominations. Recent films include Double Play directed by Ernest Dickerson and The Tale Of Four directed by Gabourey Sidibe. Currently she is working with director, Roger Ross Williams on the Apollo Theater documentary. Prior to her film career, Cortés was one of the driving forces behind the launch of the seminal hip hop label, Def Jam Records, and founded the Loose Cannon label at Polygram Records. She recently completed production on Double Play, directed by Ernest Dickerson, which had its world premiere at the 2017 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Milan Williams, Lead Actor

Milan Williams has a strong passion for the arts. She has been acting professionally since the age of 6 and has starred in national commercials, off- Broadway performances, voiceovers, short films, live screen play readings and more. When Milan is not acting, she enjoys drawing and fashion designing. She recently had the opportunity of bringing one of her designs to life. Milan also enjoys play writing, science, and spending time with her family.

Gabrielle Eitienne, Supporting Actor

Food Activist, Self- Taught Chef, Curator, and Culturist, Gabrielle was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina. Gabrielle happened upon #LittleApple when she met our director at an event! She says "LittleApple  is exactly what we all need right now. I'm honored to be such an important part of the story. What I love about Charlene is that even though she's the more serious parent, she always comes from a place of compassion and knows that at the root Apple is usually right. So she's doing her best to protect her child from the box this world would like to put her in."

"Little Apple is exactly what we all need right now," says Gabrielle. "I'm honored to be such an important part of the story. Apple is the epitome of Black Girl Magic, she's my niece, my little sister, my mother, she's me and my character, Charlene, is my Grandmother, my mom, and my Aunt Kaye all in one."

Gabrielle is currently writing an online journal to pay homage to her Ancestors and relatives that bore the weight of share-cropping, Agriculture, and Farming in the past. 

Erin Ferguson, Supporting Actor

Born in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on the island of Grand Bahama (Freeport), Erin Ferguson studied Classical Civilization and International Relations at Howard University in Washington DC. After graduating with honors, Erin and his family returned to The Bahamas where he launched his career as an Entrepreneur and Media Personality. To date, Erin along with his brother Eldin III has opened restaurants and a fitness store. He served as the Executive Producer and Host of Citizens' Review, with his brother David Hayes as producer. The show became the number #1 TV show in The Bahamas after its first month on air and held the title without interruption for 5 years. After leaving Citizens’ Review, Erin re-ignited his entrepreneurial spirit again, signing on as a partner with a Private Equity firm working between several cities including NYC, DC, LA, Chicago, and Miami. Erin continues to work in the Finance Industry and is actively pursuing a career in acting and media.

On Little Apple, Erin says, "When I engaged the concept of Little Apple it reminded me of the feeling I got when I read the words of James Baldwin. I hear Apple speak, and what I hear is a black voice that I can respect; one with ideas and analysis that are sharp and on point. Her unique position is that she is a little black voice marking her space in time as relevant as she can possibly be. Little Apple is more than a series, it is a movement toward a generation that understands its own country and the challenged systems that govern their lives. In her own beautiful way she can teach us all!"