Who is "Little Apple"

A claircognizant (all-knowing) little Black girl living in Harlem and ridding the world of ignorance, one person at a time.

With Harlem in flux, so is Little Apple as she and her family grapples with her new abilities, new confidence and sheer impatience for a new school year.

Comic book

One of the best rewards for the Kickstarter is the forthcoming, limited edition Little Apple comic book!

Find out how YOU can get your personalized cartoon sketch!


Live-Action web series

The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise funds for the first 5 episodes of the short-form sci-fi/drama web series. 

We've been working hard on this for a year and we're finally ready to shoot. Help us reach our goal!


Stay tuned and up-to-date on EVERYTHING Little Apple as we countdown to the first production date, answer your questions and discuss the themes of each episode!